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Firewatching: Notes on "Leaving the Cinema"
BFI Flare 2021: Festival Highlights
Happiest Season is the First LGBTQ+ Christmas Movie from a Major Studio
Where There's Smoke: Seeing Sex in Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Watching Myself Watching Netflix's LGBTQ+ "Recommendations"
Lesbian Visibility and Representation in Film

Lambda Literary (2020) open access

interviewed by Sarah Fonseca

Straightforward Be Damned

Sight and Sound 29:6 (2019)

Trying to Figure It Out: The Queerness of Queer Cinema

Cornerhouse Quarterly Programme (2013)


Review: Dolly Parton's America

Sight and Sound 32:7 (2022)

Review: Ali and Ava
Review: Rúrangi

Sight and Sound 32:2 (2022)

Review: Parallel Mothers

Sight and Sound 32:2 (2022)

Review: La Cha Cha

Sight and Sound 31:9 (2021)

Review: How to Build a Girl
Review: Women Make Film: A New Road Movie through Cinema
Review: And Then We Danced
Review: Rafiki

Sight and Sound 29:6 (2019)

videos & playlists

Video Essay: Show Me Love: Did You Know She's a Lesbian? 
Screening Introduction: Lesbian Camp: Yes It's F*cking Political: But I'm a Cheerleader
Video Essay: Basic Instinct
Playlist: Discovering Lesbian Film History through Mulholland Drive
Playlist: Queer Feminist Citations
Video Explainer: Lesbian Cinema after Queer Theory
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