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Portrait of a Lady on Fire (BFI Classic)

El Cine Lésbico después de la Teoría Queer

Mexico City: Osífragos (2019)

translated into Spanish by Victoria Vidal and Sylvia Barba

peer-reviewed articles

Butch Barbie

Feminist Media Studies (forthcoming)

Defensive Spectatorship, or, Watching as a Butch/Lesbian

Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society (forthcoming)

Ambivalent Masculinities in Contemporary Film and TV: On Lesbian and Trans Representability

On Teaching Diversity and Inclusion

"Unique Joy": Netflix, Pleasure and the Shaping of Queer Taste

Lesbian Legibility and Queer Legacy in Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Appropriate Feminisms: Ambivalence and Citational Practice in Appropriate Behavior

Firewatching: Notes on "Leaving the Cinema"
Algorithms for Her? Feminist Claims to Technical Language: Introduction to Special Issue

Feminist Media Studies 20:5 (2020) open access

with Sophie Bishop, Bridget Connor, Zeena Feldman and Rebecca Saunders

"Perhaps Too Passionate": Introduction to Special Issue: Feminist Pedagogies
Ambiguous Intimacy as Queer Potential: Touch, Desire and Adolescence in She Monkeys

book chapters

Bad Timing: The Lesbian Sex Scene's Queer Temporalities

Screening Sex: The Sex Scene, edited by Darren Kerr and Donna Peberdy (forthcoming)

with Susan Potter

The Translation of Desire: Queering Visibility in Nathalie... and Chloe

film reviews

Review: Lesbian Road Trip Movies

Sight and Sound 34:4 (2024)

Review: Bottoms

Sight and Sound online (2023) open access

Review: The Song of Songs

Sight and Sound 33:8 (2023)

Review: Dolly Parton's America

Sight and Sound 32:7 (2022)

Review: Ali and Ava
Review: Rúrangi

Sight and Sound 32:2 (2022)

Review: Parallel Mothers

Sight and Sound 32:2 (2022)

Review: La Cha Cha

Sight and Sound 31:9 (2021)

Review: How to Build a Girl
Review: Women Make Film: A New Road Movie through Cinema
Review: And Then We Danced
Review: Rafiki

Sight and Sound 29:6 (2019)

feature articles

"They Were Right … I’m a Homo": Going to Lesbian Camp with But I’m a Cheerleader
BFI Flare 2021: Festival Highlights

1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, edited by Ian Haydn Smith (2020)

Happiest Season is the First LGBTQ+ Christmas Movie from a Major Studio
Where There's Smoke: Seeing Sex in Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Watching Myself Watching Netflix's LGBTQ+ "Recommendations"
Straightforward Be Damned

Sight and Sound 29:6 (2019)

Trying to Figure It Out: The Queerness of Queer Cinema

Cornerhouse Quarterly Programme (2013)

videos & playlists

Critic Vote: The Greatest Films of All Time
Video Essay: Show Me Love: Did You Know She's a Lesbian? 
Screening Introduction: Lesbian Camp: Yes It's F*cking Political: But I'm a Cheerleader
Video Essay: Basic Instinct
Playlist: Discovering Lesbian Film History through Mulholland Drive
Playlist: Queer Feminist Citations
Video Explainer: Lesbian Cinema after Queer Theory

book reviews

Review: Rachel R. Martin, Alison Bechdel: Conversations
Review: Lucy Nicholas, Queer Post-Gender Ethics: The Shape of Selves to Come

in the press

Lesbian Visibility and Representation in Film

Lambda Literary (2020) open access

interviewed by Sarah Fonseca

Where Are All the Modern-Day Big-Budget Lesbian Films?
The Passionate Affair between Period Drama and Lesbian Romance
Presentación del Libro: El Cine Lésbico después de la Teoría Queer

Plumas Atómicas (4 December 2019)

interviewed by Karen Robledo

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